Patios and Walkways

Flagstone and brick to beautify & add value to your property patio and walkway.

Stone-tiled walkways and patios not only add to the luxury and beauty of your property, but they also serve a functional purpose and can significantly increase your home’s value. Flores Masonry has years of experience in installing new and repairing old walkway and patio installations, ensuring perfectly level surfaces at an affordable price. Our expert masons can transform a dull poolside, backyard, or front entrance into a stunning space that will impress your friends and potential buyers. We offer natural stone and durable brick paver installations, each providing a beautiful and long-lasting impression for decades. Our Flagstone dry laid and/or mortar pathways, along with retaining walls, will give your property an indescribable and long-lasting beauty. For your main entrance, our beautifully paved Flagstone walkway and steps, mixed with various stone and brick enhancements, will make a lasting impression. At Flores Masonry, we prioritize the quality of our service, ensuring creative design, high-quality materials, precise construction methods, and experienced team members.

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